The screen is dark and flickering. 

A set of hands writhe and wring, “She stretches but not too much” 

Knuckles crack, toes curl, a hand runs over the spokes of a wheelchair - “Her armour, her exoskeleton” 

We recently had the privilege of having a piece our jewellery featured in “Army” a short film created  by Little Peaches,  an Australian dancer,  founder of sellout international cabaret  DisibiliTease and recently voted one of the most influential burlesque performers in the world.

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Festival FOMO…? Tell us about it! We loved watching the Glastonbury highlights and remembering festival seasons gone by, but it’s hard to believe this will be the first summer in 15 years that we won’t be on the road. In honour of festival season, we’re launching a flash sale on Saturday
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