The next in our series of summer collections is a gorgeous and delicate range of chakra inspired jewellery.

Now, we are going to get a little bit woo woo here, but bare with us:  It's time to talk about how chakras are believed to create harmony within the mind, body and spirit 

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Festival FOMO…? Tell us about it! We loved watching the Glastonbury highlights and remembering festival seasons gone by, but it’s hard to believe this will be the first summer in 15 years that we won’t be on the road. In honour of festival season, we’re launching a flash sale on Saturday
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The days are getting longer and warmer, and while this spring has been  quite unlike any we have experienced before, there is something to be said for watching the season unfold from the wooden bench in my garden. 

 While the insects and plants slowly came to life around me, it seemed fitting that we should start this summer’s series of mini collections with our new Honeybee jewellery range.

Our Honeybee collection is not only beautiful, but symbolic too. So what does the bee represent? What is the meaning of bee jewellery?  and are bees good luck?

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