Forage Festival Boutique

Ever wondered how we go from a grassy field to a beautiful festival boutique in a matter of hours?
Check out this awesome stop motion footage of a typical day in the life of Forage!
Shot at Green Man Festival 2017
Forage is an immersive pop up boutique, buzzing with vibrant décor and unusual products.
We believe that everyone involved with a festival is there to contribute
something unique and creative,  and we love taking part in this role!
The Forage Festival Boutique has a reputation for making the extra effort to bring something really special to the event. Bringing our customers high quality, exclusive designs, ethically produced, and stunningly displayed in an inspiring and creative boutique setting, with hard work and attention to detail put in to our display, décor and ambience.
Our stall has an attractive layout, with a forest style display of fern leaves and fallen wood bursting from the centre table. Delicate jewellery hangs from twisted tree branches suspended from the ceiling.  Patches of bright, colourful flowers bloom out of the grass sporadically around the stall, and each corner of the shop is positively dripping with live, fresh ivy!