Product Care


Silver Jewellery
Our silver jewellery is all sterling silver at 92.5% or more. All our jewellery in nickel free. 

Silver can tarnish over time; this can be avoided simply by wearing the jewellery regularly!  If your jewellery should tarnish, please use a silver polishing cloth to clean it. Should it tarnish heavily (prolonged exposure to salt water for example can cause this)  you can use a dip, (Avoid doing this with items with stones set in them as it can damage the setting.) A great trick is to use regular washing powder that you wash your clothes with, add a little water to form a paste, then scrub with a soft toothbrush! it works wonders!!

Brass jewellery
Craftsmen have been working with brass since prehistoric times, and jewellery made from this warm bright, glowing metal has been popular throughout the ages.

Brass is a mix of copper and zinc, both believed to have health benefits when worn. It is antibacterial, and is thought to aid with circulation. The use of brass and copper jewellery for medical purposes is becoming increasingly popular as a natural alternative treatment to help alleviate pain and increase the body's natural healing response. Brass is also suitable for most people with metal allergies.

Spiritually, brass is associated with protection, luck, wealth, creativity and confidence

Caring for your brass jewellery
Like silver, brass can tarnish over time, particularly when unworn. This can be combated by simply wearing the jewellery. Alternatively, using a polishing cloth or jewellery dip (as with silver) can give fantastic results.

As brass contains copper, you may experience a slight staining of the skin; this is a natural process and is completely harmless. It can be avoided by keeping the skin dry, and by keeping the jewellery clean. A thin layer of clear nail varnish painted on the inside of the piece will also prevent the staining.

Wood & Organic jewellery
Many of our designs involve fusions of silver or brass with wood, and other organic materials such as water buffalo horn and camel bone. Please do not wear these pieces in the shower/ bath/ sauna/ hot tub etc. moisture can make wood swell, dislodging it from its fixing in the metal.

Thread through Earrings
When we first started out, our thread through silver collection were our signature pieces. Steering clear of the classic earring -and-hook design, we preferred to make pieces of jewellery which were more like mini sculptures and threaded right through the ear piercing. This collection was made in Silver, and often fused silver & wood, brass and copper together.

While they are not intended to be used as stretchers, some of our thread through earrings are quite chunky. Part of the beauty of these designs is the heavy nature of them, so they may not be suitable for people with very tiny earring holes, or those who have only recently got their ears pierced.

In our experience, if you have had your ears pierced for several years, and especially if you are used to wearing heavy or dangly earrings, they will be absolutely fine. In each listing we have included the gauge in mm for you to get an idea.
If you feel that the hole is a little tight, we recommend applying a little olive oil to the piercing hole, and to the earring and gently and slowly threading it it. please do not force the earring through, this will only damage the piercing, causing it to swell or bleed, which can lead to irritation or infection, after which you definitely wont be able to wear the piece for a while! if it feels sore leave it  till its calmed down, and try again later. a hot shower can really help by softening the skin.


We have spent years developing our unique  belt designs with durability in mind. Both Leather and cotton canvas can stretch, and we found that were not satisfied with the traditional approach to fastening a belt using a buckle and eyelets, as over time the eyelets will inevitably stretch and pop out.

Our clip and ring design means that our belts are fully adjustable and contain no eyelets at all. And all weight-`bearing points on the belts are reinforced with rivets as well as stitching.  Should the dog hook ever fail, get in touch and we'll send you a new one absolutely free! (It is easy to take the old one off and thread a new one on.) 

leather is a natural material. Colours and textures of hide can vary from one piece to another. This is normal and should be expected. Each item is unique
To clean the leather, try brushing any marks off gently with a soft brush, or running a damp cloth over the hide. Never submerge your leather items completely in water to wash them.

Should you have heavy staining (for example if the leather is left wet, some staining can develop on it) a good tick to try is using Vaseline: take a clean sponge or cloth and dip it in your Vaseline, then rub in small circular motions over the whole piece.

Please note that this will change the appearance of the leather; it will become a darker colour, and a little shinier - especially noticeable on some of our soft Nubuck pieces. so this method must be applied to the whole piece so that it matches, and should be used as a last resort.

Please do not overfill the pockets, this can put strain on the stitching and the zips.

To clean we recommend brushing the belts down with a soft brush or damp cloth. The rivets and buckles love staying dry, so only hand-wash if completely necessary.



washing instructions- to preserve the vibrancy of colours in our clothing, we recommend hand washing in cool water with similar colours. Do not tumble dry. Lace and fringing are delicate and must be treated with care.


Amber Resin

The first time i went to India, i fell in love with Amber Resin, and everyone i hugged when i returned home said the same thing - Wow - you smell Goooood!!!

Beautiful, aromatic, exotic amber!! we LOVE this stuff! used as a room  or a perfume, this unisex fragrance is ts famously known to be an aphrodisiac!

Our amber resin is made in India, using traditional methods. It is made using resins and tree saps, and essential oils. 

Essential oils in their pure form can be too strong to apply directly to the skin, For people with sensitive skin, this can apply to amber too. While some people have no problem, others can experience some reactions to the oils. (We always recommend a heath test on your skin to see whether you are sensitive to amber.)

Amber does not have to be applied directly to the skin,however.  It can be rubbed in to hair or clothing, added to oil in an oil burner, or simply left open in a room or drawer - we have even known people to dissolve it in water and use it as a spray. Personally my skin doesn't react the amber, so i just cover myself in it - bring it on!

Amber should be stored in an airtight container, or it can dry out over time and lose its fragrance. Stored in a container it will last indefinitely, and as you only ever need to use a few small crumbs, a small piece could last you a very long time!

Our amber is supplied in a small airtight hand-carved hardwood box.