How We Support Charity

We donate. You choose. 



Spring is here, and we are making sustainable changes to our ethical fashion company. a picture of crocuses and snowdrops in the frost.

At Forage, we care deeply about the impact we are able to have, not only with our makers and producers, but with our wider community and the environment around us. 

Businesses are in a unique position where they can make meaningful choices; how to spend our money, where to source our products, and  the messages we put into the world. 

We know that the values of our business align beautifully with those of our customers. We believe that, together, we can make a powerful difference. 

A picture of designer and creator Tina Payne in a fair trade factory creating ethical and sustainable products


With every Forage product you buy on our website, we will donate £1 to charity. We have formed partnerships with two wonderful charities,  World Land Trust, and Goods for Good. Our donations will go directly to specific campaigns, and we give our customers the choice of which worthy cause they would like to support with each purchase they make.

When you add a Forage product to your basket, you will be given the option to choose which charity you would like us to donate to. The more products bought, the more donations we can make.

About our chosen charities


World Land Trust

“World Land Trust (WLT) works with local NGO partners around the world to save and protect critically threatened habitat for wildlife. Since 1989, through the generosity of WLT supporters, WLT has funded the purchase and protection of more than 774,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats, and along with WLT partners ensures that more than 4 million acres of land is managed under active protection worldwide.”

Our World Land Trust donations will go directly to the Buy an Acre scheme, where £100 is used to purchase and protect an acre of woodland or rainforest. 

Each pound we donate will be used to purchase 40m² of wildlife rich habitat! 

Every acre purchased will become part of a larger reserve, protecting it from being cleared for agriculture and cattle, and will be patrolled by rangers that can deter and detect poachers, illegal logging and fires. 

Find out more about the Buy and Acre scheme. 


Children in a group smiling. Goods for Good send valuable items to refugees, displaced communities and vulnerble people around the world. Goods for Good


Goods For Good, like many charities and businesses, is adapting to the Government guidelines for the global pandemic of Covid-19. Currently they have limited our community outreach to involve fewer volunteers. However, that has not stopped their desire to help people during this pandemic. They have recently responded to SOS’s from homeless organisations and provided new sleeping bags, shoes and clothing.  These people are probably the most vulnerable.

Whilst our global work has been restricted, we will be working locally to help more people at this unprecedented time. There are thousands of families that the pandemic will affect due to shortages of essential goods, job losses, time off work due to illness and inflation. We will mobilise our local connections and partners to reach these people who will be struggling to cope. 


“Goods For Good sends goods donated by generous businesses and individuals in the UK to vulnerable communities living around the world.

It’s a sad reality that millions of people beset by poverty, tragedy or disaster live without basic goods such as clothing, medicines, blankets or hygiene products. Goods For Good sources and delivers large quantities of these basic goods to pre-identified communities in need. In other words, we take essential items that aren’t needed in the UK and send them where they are needed.”

Goods for Good save overproduced highstreet items from being sent to landfill or being incinerated and redistribute them to refugees and vulnerable people worldwide. 

Our donations to Goods for Good will go directly into logistics. Each truck of aid they send costs £5,000 on average. The value of the goods on the truck, however, will be worth a minimum of £75,000. 

That means, for every pound that is donated, they are able to multiply it by 15. Every £1 donated from a Forage product will transport at least £15 worth of goods, saving them from being destroyed, and sending them to the people who need it most.

Find out more about Goods for Good.

Making positive changes


We live in a world where the need for sustainability is becoming more and more urgent every day. It is easy to look at ourselves and see all the things we are not doing perfectly, but if we can commit to making positive changes, however small, as often as possible, we can play our part in  being part of the solution.