Raw Beauty: Spotlight on Margie Belle Muise

During lockdown, Margie began life modelling. In the art of photography and life drawing, she could see her body from other perspectives rather than her own. This has given her a new appreciation for her body, how it functions and what it is able to do.

“It’s really liberating being a life model. I really like looking at all the art that people make of me and that makes me feel more confident in my body because I see it from their perspective. I just hope that sometimes Ii can inspire [others] to love themselves for who they are.” 

We are in awe of Margie: Her perspective, her beauty and her power. Read her story

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Reigniting self-love with the birth of the Raw Beauty collection

There was something really special about the set we created for our Raw Beauty collection shoot, and it was made all the more special by the people placed on it. It disrupts expectations somehow.

The people sharing their stories for this project happened to be in plus-sized bodies, but more importantly, the message is about their journeys and what advice they would give to their younger selves.

Read more about the birth of this collection and why it’s been such an important project for me, Tina, as founder of Forage, and part of my own journey of reigniting self-love.

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