Honeybee Collection

Honeybee Collection


    Conjure up long, warm days with the sun in your face, rocking in a hammock, reading a book on the grass or simply enjoying nature.  The scent of flowers and the gentle sound of grasses rustling in the breeze and insects humming amongst the blossoms.

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    Intricate depictions of geometric honeycomb, insect perfection and hexagonal patterns create this unique, summer inspired collection. 

    Bees symbolise community , abundance and personal power.
    The wearing of a bee charm is said to bring good luck and wealth, while representing a strong community , a network of loving unconditional support.

    Our Honeybee collection of striking, bohemian jewellery is not only original,  but helps protect our beautiful companion critters - the Bees!

    With each purchase from this collection you will receive a free wildflower seed bomb, simply throw it onto cleared soil and wait for the blossom of gorgeous native wildflowers that will attract bees and butterflies.