The hands behind our leather pocket belts

The hands behind our leather pocket belts

The maker of our hand made leather pocket belts, ethically produced utility belts and boho bumbags

Meet the makers: Shakeel

Over the years, we have watched the businesses of our trusted network of makers grow. The people who help us make our products are wildly talented, bringing the vision of each new design to life using the best quality materials, sourced in the most ethical and sustainable way.

Our most popular accessories are leather pocket belts and bags, which are created by the hands of one of our most skilled makers, Shakeel.

Leather work is a family trade for Shakeel, who started his business when he was still a child, back in 1988. His father was a leather tailor, specialising in jackets and garments, and he was able to observe the inner workings of this craft in his early years. 

One day, Shakeel came home from working with his dad, bearing  the first leather bag he’d ever made. Without any clients at the time, Shakeel ventured into the city with the sample, showing it to various shops. He managed to secure a small order; a success, but this was just the start of his journey. Using the money to invest in two sewing machines, he started producing leather bags from home.

Hand stitching our boho leather money belts and fair trade handbags

Fast forward 30 years, Shakeel has two popular shops of his own in a busy tourist market in New Delhi. On top of this, he runs his own leather workshop, providing jobs for around 50 people. Not only is he a successful business person who contributes to building up his community, the quality of his work is simply incredible. Any of our customers who have purchased a leather belt or bag will see exactly how beautifully made they are. Each creation is made with absolute dedication.

Each year, we visit Shakeel’s workshop to spend time with him and his team., Working together with his extremely talented pattern cutters and leather tailors, who are enviably detail-oriented and wonderfully artistic, we develop the master samples for our new designs.

A patter cutter in aour fair trade factory in delhi making ethical bohemian travel belts and festival outfits

The atmosphere in the small factory is upbeat and positive, and we are always greeted by smiling, happy tailors when we arrive. All of the employees have set breaks and everyone goes home at 6pm each day. That is, except Shakeel, who, like many self-employed people will understand, seems to work all hours of the day on his business, and he makes it a roaring success.

 beautiful hand made bohemian pocket belts, boho utility belt, womens hip bag. with camera, pen and journal.

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