Chakras Explained | How To Select Your Chakra Jewellery

Chakras Explained | How To Select Your Chakra Jewellery

The next in our series of summer collections is a gorgeous and delicate range of chakra inspired jewellery

So to help you decide which Chakra symbol is for you, we decided  to talk about how chakras are believed to create harmony within the mind, body and spirit 

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Chakras are thought to regulate all parts of our bodies, running through our internal systems and affecting us physically, spiritually and emotionally. You can’t see chakras, but they relate to our energy, inner life force, and aura. 

With the upcoming release of our collection of chakra jewellery, we decided to explore the meanings of these famous, beautiful and mysterious symbols. 

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While  chakras have been firmly rooted in the realms of the new age spirituality here in Europe, they are now gaining even more recognition. This is thanks to the growing popularity of mindfulness and wellbeing practices such as yoga and meditation. Chakras are now referred to widely within yogic and spiritual practices all over the world.  

The word chakra, means “spinning wheel” and is used to describe seven energy centres through the human body. 

Chakras have a long legacy. The word appears in the oldest Vedic scriptures, and energy centres were referred to in ancient Egypt and the middle eastern texts. 

This energy, which the mystics referred to as the “god spark” or “soul energy” is believed to flow through every particle and electron in existence.  

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There is said to be one main energy line running down the human body, starting at the top of the head and ending at the base of the spine. This passes through seven main points: the seven chakras, or “consciousness centers”, on its way. 

Each of these chakra points corresponds with one of the seven glands in the endocrine system and are associated with different organs in the body.

It is believed that when all chakras are open and balanced, the energy is “in flow”; creating harmony within mind, body and spirit. 

If any of the centres are blocked or unbalanced, this can result in negative behaviours and ill health, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

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Chakra balancing is thought to be achieved through various physical and mental exercises:  yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to name a few.  

Each chakra corresponds to various colours of the rainbow, musical notes, yoga poses, plants, crystals, and astrological signs. 

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Starting from the base of the spine to the top of the head, the chakra signs are:


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The Root Chakra


Colour: Red 

Key word: Order

Regulates: Survival

Location: Base of spine


  • bladder, rectum, pelvis, hips, knees, ankle joints


  • feeling safe, secure, balanced, centred, a sense of belonging, stability, structure, connection. 


  • instability, anxiety, fear, disconnect, financial instability, feeling ungrounded


  •  materialistic, greed, lust for money and power, self preservation. 

Balancing exercises:

  •  yoga: tree pose
  • physical exercise


sacral chakra, sacral chakra bracelet, sacral chakra jewellery, yoga style, boho

The Sacral Chakra 

Colour: Orange

Key word: Will

Location: Naval 

Regulates: Creativity


  • kidneys, uterus, large intensive, colon, sex organs


  • joy, pleasure, sexuality, sensuality, nurture, passion, optimism, creativity, fulfilment.


  •  fear of intimacy, lack of creativity, isolated, lonely, low libido


  •  hedonistic, manipulative, over compulsiveness, guilt

Balancing exercises:

  • the Goddess pose in yoga
  • walking in nature, placing bare feet directly on the earth, gardening, embracing your sexuality.


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The Solar Plexus 

Colour: Yellow

Key word: Wisdom

Location: Middle of abdomen

Regulates: Sense of self


  • lower spinal cord, stomach, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive system. 


  • high self esteem, good self image, drive, confidence, feelings of being in control, fulfilling your purpose will power, assertiveness


  • low self esteem, powerlessness, submissive, feeling inferior, feeling like the world is against you


  • domineering, perfectionist, power hungry, critical, judgmental. 

Balancing exercises:

  • warrior pose in yoga
  • belly breathing, being in sunlight


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The Heart Chakra 

Colour: Green

Key word: Earnestness

Location: Middle of chest

Regulates: Emotion

 Organs: Heart, lungs, upper spinal cord, ribs


  • feelings of unconditional love, receptiveness, peace, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness


  • bad relationships, bitterness, intolerance of others


  • codependency, self sacrificing, jealousy, lack of trust, over apologising, giving too much of yourself

Balancing exercises:

  • Camel pose in Yoga
  • spend time around children and animals, and being in nature


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The Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue

Key words: Patience and kindness

Location: Bottom of throat

Regulates: Expression

Organs: Thyroid , tonsils , windpipe , larynx , throat , teeth


  •  communication, self expression, leadership, creative expression, confidence


  • issues expressing yourself, problems with communication, misunderstanding, arguing, being secretive, withholding, not being a good listener


  • loud, sassy, opinionated, partaking in gossip, talking over others

Balancing exercises:

  • shoulder stand in Yoga 
  • writing and journaling

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The Third Eye

Colour: Indigo

Key word: Love

Location: Middle of forehead

Regulates:  Intuition

Organs: Eyes, ears, pineal gland, pituitary gland


    • in tune with intuition, imaginative creativity, clarity, vision, manifestation, inner wisdom, visualisation


    • not being able to listen to inner thoughts, lack of imagination, lack of foresight, obsessiveness


    • fear, nightmares, delusions. 

    Balancing exercises:

    • Downward dog in Yoga 
    • dream journaling, stargazing


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    The Crown Chakra 

    Colour: Purple

    Key words: Mercy and gentleness

    Location: Top of the head

    Regulates: Spirituality

    Organs:  The brain


    • bliss, wisdom, consciousness, awareness, understanding, connectedness, peace, understanding your spirituality and your place in the world.


    • feeling depressed, brain fog, loss of spirituality, anxiety, disconnection


    • dogmatic, opinionated, ungrounded, judgmental, isolated

    Balancing exercises: 

    • headstand in Yoga
    • sitting in stillness and silence, meditation

    How to balance your chakras 

    There are several  yoga poses, activities and exercises you can do to balance your chakras. There are also other chakra-balancing practices you can try:

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    Dancing is great for shifting energy around the body, especially when done with intention and focusing your attention on the area of the body you want to work on. 

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    Colour therapy involves surrounding yourself with the colour associated with the chakra, whether that’s in your choice of clothing, crystals, home decor, painting, or anything else.

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    Crystal healing uses a crystal corresponding to the colour of the chakra. There are several suggestions online and in books that can tell you which specific crystals to use when chakra balancing, or you could simply select a crystal with the colour of the corresponding chakra.

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    Meditation involves focusing on the chakra symbol you want to work on and observing the imagery drawing on the symbol  in posters, illustrations, or practice.  

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    The benefits of Chakra jewellery

    By wearing jewellery containing a chakra symbol, you can keep it with you all day. A chakra pendant or bracelet can be treated as a good luck charm, or simply as a regular reminder to focus your good intentions on the areas of your health and life which need your attention most. 

    A piece of chakra jewellery can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one who is struggling, or for somebody in your life who you feel embodies those qualities. 

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    Making it work for you

    As with many holistic therapies, there is not an exact science to chakra work. 

    We all have varying belief structures around healing, energy and spirituality.

    Quantum physicists are only now starting to discover what ancient mystics have known for thousands of years: that there is more to our world than we can see or measure. What’s more, by the very act of observing, we can affect the observed reality. 

    It’s well known that placebo medicine can stimulate healing and, at times, can be as effective as an administered drug. With this in mind, regardless of what degree of faith is held, we can agree that the power of positive, constructive thoughts is immense. As are the benefits of setting clear intentions and focusing our energy on the results we want to achieve. 

    The use of symbols, rituals, daily practices and associations can be tools for directing one's attention, clearing the mind, and deeply focusing on the positive intentions we have for ourselves, our lives and our bodies. 

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