Honeybee Jewellery collection | Symbolism of a Bee

Honeybee Jewellery collection | Symbolism of a Bee

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Honeybee Jewellery collection | Symbolism of a Bee

The days are getting longer and warmer, and while this spring has been  quite unlike any we have experienced before, there is something to be said for watching the season unfold from the wooden bench in my garden. 

 While the insects and plants slowly came to life around me, it seemed fitting that we should start this summer’s series of mini collections with our new Honeybee jewellery range.

Our Honeybee collection is not only beautiful, but symbolic too. So what does the bee represent? What is the meaning of bee jewellery?  and are bees good luck?

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What does the symbol of the bee mean?

While trading on the Manchester Christmas market we have seen the symbol of the bee used extensively to symbolise community and unity. The bee became an emblem of manchester in the industrial revolution to symbolise the mancunian people’s hard working ethic and social nature. 

More recently, following the tragic terrorist attacks in 2018, the streets of the city were flooded with bee imagery to symbolise a whole city of people coming together as one unified community.  

However, the symbology goes back a little farther than that. 

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Bees throughout history

The symbol of the bee has been used extensively over time by many cultures. The Mayans believed the bee to be a symbol of the goddess: bringers of life and abundance. Similarly,the Druids considered the bee to represent fertility, personal power and community. 

To the ancient Greeks, bees were symbolic of prosperity and celebration, and in ancient Judaism the bee was associated with a  successful and peaceful society, with individuals working selflessly and in harmony as integral parts of their community.

In the present day, the bee is thought to symbolise community, friendship and selflessness, as well as brightness, joy, beauty and celebration. 

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What does it represent to wear bee jewellery?

Our new Honeybee collection is handmade from pure brass, chosen for its warm honey colour and golden tones. The collection includes little life size golden bees, chunky gold honeycomb hoops, and striking geometric worker bee designs. 

The wearing of a bee emblem can symbolise a strong network of unconditional love and support. It is also thought to bring good luck, wealth and abundance to the wearer. 

During these challenging times of Covid-19, giving a necklace with a special meaning, or a symbol of hope and strength could make a powerful and thoughtful gift for someone who is struggling or feeling alone.

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Bees at risk

Bees are vitally important to our environment. They are responsible for pollinating 80% of the food we eat and a third of flowering plants. What’s more, they are also responsible for pollinating important crops such as cotton and food for livestock. 

Loss of bees would have a devastating effect on the world’s delicate ecosystem and on the global food supply, but bees are in trouble.

In recent years, there has been a worrying fall in the bee population. It's thought that in the UK and US, bee numbers have fallen by about 50% in the last 25 years. The decline in bee numbers is thought to be linked to a variety of factors including pesticides, climate change and habitat destruction, with 98% of wildflower meadows lost since 1995. 

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What can I do to protect bees?

There are several steps we can take right away to help protect our valuable bee population. Some of the simplest to implement are: 

  1. Do not use pesticides or herbicides on your garden.
  2. Avoid food grown with pesticides.
  3. Source your honey from a local beekeeper.
  4. Stop mowing your lawn. 
  5. Plant more flowers!

Free wildflower seed with your jewellery

Each piece of jewellery you buy from our Honeybee collection comes with a free wildflower seed bomb. These are small balls made up of recycled paper pulp, containing a mixture of native wildflower seeds. Simply plant in some cleared earth and await the flash of colour bloom from the ground, containing a beautiful selection of flowers especially chosen to attract bees and butterflies. 


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View our honeybee collection here

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Forage Ethics

We want to play our part in making the world a better place. Our jewellery is ethically created and we have strong relationships with our jewellers and makers in India. Find out more about Forage and our ethics on our Meet the Makers & How We Support Charity pages.

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We create special discount codes for 24 hours whenever we launch a new collection. 

Get the your promo code here 



Spring Summer 2020 Lookbook 


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