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With every product sold on on our website, we donate to charity. We have two amazing charity partners: The the fantastic World Land Trust, who protect and preserve the world's forests and habitats, , and the wonderful Goods for Good, who deliver over produced high street items worldwide to the people who need the most. 

With international logistics being impacted, our charity partners, Goods for Good are taking immediate action right here in the UK to respond to the Covid-19 crisis.

The work they are doing is highly needed, and we have decided to temporarily auto select Goods for Good as the charity to receive our donation with each product sold.


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Here are a list of the vitally important actions they are taking right now to help the most vulnerable people in our community. 



  1. NHS front line workers at local hospitals - Delivering, nappies & wet wipes, soap, shower gel, feminine hygiene products, toiletries and food items and mobilising our dedicated volunteers to help us. Many of these goods are scarce in the supermarkets and often inaccessible to front line workers or they are just too exhausted to go shopping.
  2. Trussell Trust Foodbanks - Delivering, nappies & wet wipes, soap, shower gel, feminine hygiene products, toiletries and food items and mobilising our dedicated volunteers to help us. Goods are being supplied by both industry partners and the community.
  3. Refugee and asylum seekers - Doorstep parcel drops of essentials to individual families in Barnet and surrounding areas. Goods include nappies, toiletries, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene goods.
  4. The homeless - Distributing brand new sleeping bags, they are particularly vulnerable at this time.
  5. National food programme - We are launching a programme to mobilise families to volunteer and donate goods from their larders to their own local foodbanks.

donating to nhs frontline workers during covid 19 crisis

"As experts in the delivery of SOS humanitarian aid we are putting our expertise and adapting our core model at this time of crisis. We are sourcing goods from both industry and in parallel, the local community."

For each Forage product sold, we will be donating £1 to Goods for Good; and  for every £1 donated they can multiply it, delivering at least £10-worth of goods, because of their UK company partners.


Please support their work at this critical time - because together we can make a huge difference to front line workers, families and vulnerable individuals in need of our immediate help.

You can also donate to their appeal here either with a single or monthly donation:


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Forage create fairly traded, unique jewellery and accessories. We work with a beautiful network of makers and artisans in India , they set the price we pay meaning we know we are operating in a way that works for everyone.

We are continuing to pack and post orders, safely from our home in Bristol at this time. 

With every product sold on our website, we donate to charity. If you choose to, we can still donate to World Land Trust : Buy and Acre Scheme if you select them as your chosen charity. 

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