Brass Jewellery: What's it made of?

Brass Jewellery: What's it made of?

Craftsmen have been working with brass since prehistoric times, and jewellery made from this warm bright, glowing metal has been popular throughout the ages.

Brass is a mix of copper and zinc, both believed to have health benefits when worn. It is antibacterial, and is thought to aid with circulation. The use of brass and copper jewellery for medical purposes is becoming increasingly popular as a natural alternative treatment to help alleviate pain and increase the body's natural healing response. Brass is also suitable for most people with metal allergies.

Spiritually, brass is associated with protection, luck, wealth, creativity and confidence

Caring for your brass jewellery
Like silver, brass can tarnish over time, particularly when unworn. This can be combated by simply wearing the jewellery. Alternatively, using a polishing cloth or jewellery dip (as with silver) can give fantastic results.

As brass contains copper, you may experience a slight staining of the skin; this is a natural process and is completely harmless. It can be avoided by keeping the skin dry, and by keeping the jewellery clean. A thin layer of clear nail varnish painted on the inside of the piece will also prevent the staining.

Our brass jewellery come with an small card containing information about brass, how to care for it and how to clean it, so you can give a Brass Forage piece as a gift and know any questions will be answered! 

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