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With every purchase made, Forage donates to charity. We are partnered with two amazing charities, World Land Trust and Goods for Good. 
Here is a statement from Jonothan Barnard, Chief executive of World Land Trust, on the challenges facing an ongoing battle with both a global pandemic and climate change.
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April 2020

Dear WLT Supporter,

Working with nature, for the survival of everything that is important to us

As we go to press the full impact of COVID-19 is emerging day by day. When | joined WLT as CEO in September last year fires were raging in the Amazon and at the close of the year the true horror of Australia’s fire was unfurling. As these fires have made brutally clear, the climate emergency is increasing in scale and intensity. The Coronavirus, which most likely emanated from wildlife trade, now further reminds us that we disregard nature at our peril. The climate crisis and the added threat of a pandemic threatens everyone who inhabits our planet. 

Most people hadn't seen Coronavirus coming, but we have long known about the risks of emergent epidemic diseases and the climate crisis. And perhaps some good will still come out of this current predicament. With people across the world reducing their carbon impact, either forcibly or voluntarily, we have already seen a huge cut in carbon emissions, and perhaps this can pave the way for a more enlightened existence in the future. There is also good news from China where laws are being amended and regulated to control the country’s massive wildlife trade in order to prevent future epidemics. This is a win for biodiversity - and the human race. 

  I can’t say that World Land Trust can in any way address the almost insurmountable twin /challenges of a pandemic and climate change. But if we, and the world as we know it, are to survive, then we must recognise that we are dependent on the diversity of species that live on Earth with us. WLT projects have an important role to play in this. The reserves and their wildlife that you have helped us save over the past 30 years are permanently protected by our local conservation partners. While these reserves are not 100 per cent safe from external impacts, we do know that nature is amazingly resilient, and our partners are dedicated. Given time, habitats can spring back and be restored, and endangered species can be brought back from the brink of extinction. 

Although many of our appeals focus on keystone species such as Jaguar, orang-utans, elephants and manatees, by protecting their habitats it also ensures the survival of the other species that make up their ecological community. Our new appeal in Colombia, saving the wonderful Barbacoas’ Forests and Wetlands, is anther rare opportunity to save an incredible habitat full of a huge range of threatened wildlife. With your help we are committed to saving Endangered Spider Monkeys, Lowland Tapirs and Blue-billed Curassows in Colombia) and as much of the world’s natural habitats and their wildlife as we can.

WLT has many success stories: from the 881,000 acres that have been purchased i protected since 1989, to the 39,000 trees planted in 2019, to the 49 rangers funded last year by Keepers of the Wild) These, and the thousands of acres under the protection of our partners, are effectively helping combat climate charge. You have helped this happen. 

I know these are uncertain times but | hope you, our supporters, will take inspiration from the incredible dedication of our partners, who show that working with nature, not against it, is the best way to protect our world, and with it ourselves . 

Thank you again and all of us at World Land Trust send our thoughts and very best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Jonathan Barnard

Chief Executive

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Who is Forage?
Forage is an ethical fashion company creating  jewellery, clothing and pocket belts produced in small batches with our network of makers and artisans in India. 
ethical brand uk , ethical fashion, sustainable brands, eco brands, ethical companies uk, boho clothing, fair trade jewellery


Ethical and sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion has been a hot topic in the last couple of years with more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing options available. Many people are starting to be more conscious of their fashion choices and make changes to their buying habits. This has also translated to festival fashion trends, with so many festival goers buying festival clothing each year.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion has been widespread in the last 40 years with many large brands outsourcing their production overseas, causing a reduction in clothing prices. Brands such as Primark have paved the way for cheap and fast fashion that you wear for a season and then throw away.

Fast fashion is factory produced at a high volume, it focuses on cheap prices and getting the clothing produced as quickly as possible. This can have harmful effects on the environment because it uses a lot of resources to continually make garments that are quickly discarded.

A huge amount of clothing ends up in landfills when it is no longer needed. Clothing can take anywhere from 1 – 40 years to break down depending on the material. This contributes to polluting the planet.

High volume production of clothing in factories uses large amounts of water and produces waste that can be harmful to the planet. The textile dyes and chemicals used to produce clothing are not always disposed of properly in an effort to keep prices down. This can negatively impact local water sources and pollute water systems.

The human cost of fast fashion is that it needs cheap labour costs to survive. This means workers are often poorly paid and work in bad or unsafe conditions.

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What can I do to become more sustainable?

  • Buy higher priced items that last longer
  • Buy from brands that care about sustainability and give back
  • Buy from small scale producers that care about their production methods and workers
  • Recycle and add some vintage clothing to your wardrobe

At Forage Design we are committed to sustainability. We participated in The Planet Mark Start programme that educates businesses about how to become more environmentally friendly. We donate £1 of every product sold to environmental and social charities. When you purchase from us you can be sure that you are giving back to the environment. Please see our blog post about the charities we support for more details.



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