Bags Of Talent | Working with the Students Of Southbank University

Bags Of Talent | Working with the Students Of Southbank University

We love working with young people and emerging talent, so when we were contacted by London Southbank University to ask if we would like to collaborate with the Media students for their fashion film module we jumped at the chance! 

Working with students of course gives them a chance to work with a client on a real brief, but it also  offers us a fresh and exciting new look at our products and content.

Creating a Brief 

Firstly we had to create a presentation showing the students what kind of content we needed and what products we would be sending them to use. There were four groups and each was given the same brief to follow. 

Forage Brand Identity | boho hip bags and jewellery

A short  60 second film showing the versatility of our best selling product - The Leather Hip Bag 

The film had to invoke the emotions of freedom, usefulness, adventure and practicality and had to show at least 30 seconds of close ups of the belt being used. 

Project brief for Forage design fashion film | leather hip bag | boho hip bags Fashion Film Brief for Forage Design fashion film brief for forage design boho hip bag

The presentation was given on Zoom to all the students and then the class were left to decide which brand they would like to work with, form groups, and come up with some ideas .

Ideas Are Born 

Two weeks later the groups were ready, this time with their own presentations showcasing their plan: storyboard, styling, model and location ideas for their film

Presentation for Forage Design colab with LSBU

Film #1

Sunrise, after a festival. A woman is walking through the woods with glitter on her face, she removed her jewellery and puts it into her hip bag, then takes a mirror from the bag and removes the glitter from her face. By the end the sun has rised an she laves the woods, heading home. 

Film #2

A teenage girl finds her mother's old hip bag, filled with polaroids from iconic London underground landmarks from the 90's. Taking the bag she retraces her mother's footsteps through the city. 

Film #3

A young woman takes a walk in a London park, picking flowers and photographing plants. She stores everything in her Hip Bag of course.


Film #4

A split screen following five different people as they go about their day, all of them wearing their hip bag in a different way and using it for a different purpose. 


Making the Magic Happen

students at LSBU working on the fashion film for Forage Design

The students were given a month to make their films. They made their requests for various forage products, jewellery and of course hip bags in their chosen colours, and then got to work sourcing models, booking locations and bringing their ideas to life. 

We waited eagerly for the results and when they came back to us we were beyond delighted with the results!

Each film had a completely different feel and story,  and show cases the bag in a different way. What's more, having fresh new eyes on Forage products means our bags are shown in a way thats different from our norm and its an exciting fresh new take for us!

The LSBU media students did a brilliant job and should be really proud of themselves, and we are so excited  to share the films with you and see what you think.

Here are the films - I would love to hear your comments.

And if you are thinking of working with young people in your business then DO IT! you won't regret it!



Film By: Mimuna, Urte Kmeliauskaite, Aleisha Lloyd, Jola Boratyn, Brigita Suratkevicius, Lilly Cynthia 


Film By: Marta, Ariana, Dana, Aitana & Maria



Film by: Grace, Jodie, Sarah & Xander


A Bag Of Stories

Cast: Brooke Selvey, Kerslyn Leo, Xander Robinson, Asmar Bailey

Production Team: Natasha Cameron, Dorcas Nimbo, Veronica Ogwumike, Charis Junor, Alia Hussein


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