Leather Clip Scarf

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We can't tell you how excited we are about our leather Clip Scarf!

Made using superior nubuck leather, with a luxuriant faux fur lining these scarves will stand out a mile!

The scarf is adjustable in size and clips shut with a heavy antique brass clip on a series of brass rings, stitched on with a strip of nubuck.

▲••• One size, fully adjustable
▲••• Handmade using Nubuck Leather and Faux Fur
▲••• Versatile design
▲••• Clips shut with heavy antique brass rings
▲••• Wear with fur on the inside or the outside
▲••• Available in four different styles/colours:

  • Wildcat (main picture): dark brown leather with short beige faux fur
  • Lynx: lighter brown leather with light brown/blonde faux fur
  • Wolf: dark brown/black leather with a very dark brown/blackish faux fur
  • Arctic Fox: black leather with white/grey faux fur **
** As leather is a natural product there are variations in colour and texture. While the faux fur on our scarves and wrist warmers will be uniform, the colour of the leather may vary slightly.

Can be paired with our exquisite matching wrist warmers!