Hoop Scarf - White Blush

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Beautiful and versitile! The Hoop Scarf in an accessory with a difference!

Made of the softest cotton jersey, these hoop scarves will keep you toasty warm through the winter months, while still feeling smooth and soft around your neck.

You'll love your Hoop Scarf so much, you wont want to take it off! As the seasons change, so can your scarf! wrap round your shoulders as a shrug, a quick twist and it becomes a halterneck, or get adventurous with a brooch and a belt to wear you scarf as a dress!

Ultra light weight, and ultra soft, this dazzling scarf is the most silky and ethereal in our range, and will sit easily inside your clothing for maximim comfort. Hold up to the light to see a delicate floral pattern burnt out of the fabric.

**** Colour - White Blush ****
Please note: this is the White Blush scarf from image No. 1 - not the grey scarf from image No. 2 'ways to wear''