Recycled Silver Blackstar of India Pendant

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One off unique Silver pendant with 18 inch snake chain and a Star diopside (blackstar of india) cabochon stone. Stone is black with a beautiful star that moves with the light. Silver pendant made using scrap offcuts melted down and moulded around plant material to get the unique lava effect. once the silver has cooled organic matter is removed, silver pieces are soldered together and a stone is then set in place.

Star diopside is thought to re-energise the body, the soul and the mind. Its strong magnetic force is believed to aid physical healing and is said to be most efficient when held close against the skin of the injured area. Physically, it is believed to help the lungs, heart and circulatory system. It may also be beneficial for psychological disorders. Star diopside is also known as the 'crying stone', because it is said to bring out tears in those who use it in a cathartic way to cleanse their emotions. It is also thought by some to help with aggression, trauma, love and commitment. It is believed by many that it can bring creativity to its wearer.

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