June Drop '24

    Summer is here and it's time to make sure you are prepared with your favourite outdoor accessories!

    We have some beautiful new designs for you , along with a restock of some of your favourite colours 

    Asanoha Collection 

    At Forage, we have always been fans of geometric patterns, and we’ve fallen in love with the Asanoha print for our latest collection of canvas belt bags.

    The Asanoha print is a traditional Japanese geometric pattern that resembles overlapping hemp leaves, symbolizing growth, resilience, and vitality due to the hemp plant's rapid and sturdy growth. 

    In our latest collection, we have used gold screen printing to feature the Asanoha pattern on the belt flaps of our canvas belt bags.

    Left Handed Hip Bag 

    After lots and lots of requests we have finally brought you a left handed version of our best selling Leather Hip Bag. 

    Everything is the same, but it's flipped around - a perfect mirror image of our original. 

    Whether you are one of the 10% of lovely lefties, or you simply like to flip your bag to the other hip - this one is for you


    Colour Restock 

    We have a brand new restock of come of our best selling limited edition colours for you. If you missed out on the Shamrock, Indigo, Deep Cherry or (wait for it) our immensely popular Black & Silver Hardware the first time round, then this is your moment to jump on these new limited edition colours!