Infinity dress

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The infinity dress is an absolute wardrobe must - have:
20 dresses in one, this dress is the definition of the word versatile!

Made with light, flowing fabric, the infinity dress' extra long neck straps can be modified, adjusted, and experimented with to transform the dress according to your mood; strapless, halter neck, T shirt, or just flowing skirt. The possibilities are endless!

Available in 2 lengths:
shorter (the blue picture) the skirt measures 20 inches from below the bust to the hem : colours: Tourquise, Brown
Longer (the purple picture) : the skirt is cut to an angle with the shortest length at 20 inches, and the longest at 38 inches : colours: Purple, Black
This dress is one size and works fantastically on everyone.
Adjustable to suit your style: see our pictures for examples of ways to wear.

Hint: a perfect bridesmaids dress as several identical dresses could be worn in different ways! A great festival summer dress, evening dress or even a maternity dress!

I lived in this when i was pregnant as it was super flattering the whole way through my pregnancy, and was a perfect breastfeeding dress too!

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*Winners of The Glastonbury Festival Ethical Trader Award*

At Forage we have strong ethics and each and every one of our products carries a story: of where it was made, who it was made by and in what conditions.

Every year we travel to India to work with small family run businesses that lovingly create our beautiful collections. This talented group of tailors, silversmiths and jewellery makers set the price we pay, meaning that we know we are operating in a way that is fair and works for everyone.

Please take the time to read some of our reviews; to look at our blog photos and further collections of jewellery, pocket belts, streetwear, festival wear and accessories, by clicking on one of the following links:





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We hand select our fabrics from large surplus street markets in Delhi. These are end of roll, leftover textiles from larger manufacturers, giving new life to a waste product!

We also cut clothing patterns from old recycled saris, silks and fleece blankets.

Sourcing materials this way means that we never know exactly how much of a certain colour we will get, and once it's gone, it's gone!

Due to this some slight colour variations may occur , as is to be expected with these limited edition products.

For best results always hand wash with cold water

Please be aware that natural variations in colour and texture are to be expected, in what are unique and handmade products.

Wholesale orders welcome.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Tina and Rich x
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