Reversible Lace Hoop Scarves - 5 colours

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Beautiful and versatile! The Hoop Scarf in an accessory with a difference!

Made of the softest cotton jersey, these hoop scarves will keep you toasty warm through the winter months, while still feeling smooth and soft around your neck.

You'll love your Hoop Scarf so much, you wont want to take it off! As the seasons change, so can your scarf! Wrap it round your neck as a scarf, round your shoulders as a shrug or snood, or over your head as a cowl. Get creative - add a belt and a broach and it becomes a halterneck dress, or tie a knot in the side and it's a sarong.

Made with soft cotton jersey, with a delicate lace lining.

Claret red
Boudoir red

*Matching wrist warmers available!

For other colours, fabrics & designs look at our "simply plain", "chiffon" and "striking patterns" ranges

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